Pentel Catalog

O ver the past few years, Pentel has worked hard to reevaluate our organization, our products and our partnerships to ensure we are still following the guiding principles of our founder, Yukio Horie. Particularly, this past year has made it more important than ever for every brand to ensure their mission is one that promotes community, inspires others and supports individual expression. W e have developed several partnerships and programs over the past few years to bolster our mission and continue to reinvest in the qualities that have grown Pentel of America over the past five decades. We believe these efforts clearly set our brand apart and support the message that Pentel is a brand that supports people as well as the planet. T hese efforts include investment in partners like the Arbor Day Foundation ® , where Pentel has committed to planting at least 20,000 trees each year – and has planted over 40,000 to date. Our latest movement placing the emphasis on consumers to seek out refillable and reusable writing instruments is just another way we are doing our part to help reduce landfill contributions to help heal our planet. Recurring efforts like the Pentel Creative Challenge and our International Children’s Art Exhibition (now in its 51st year) continue to promote self-expression and grow our community of artists, creators and makers. And new partnerships, like our burgeoning relationship with True Colors United ® will allow us to help impacted communities that struggle for equality and representation. W e hope the new products and programs detailed in these pages inspire you to explore more with Pentel and we look forward to walking alongside you into a bright future. Our Mission: We create the tools that enable people everywhere to give form to their inner thoughts and feelings, and to cultivate the joy of expressing themselves.