Pentel Catalog

Celebrating Over 70 Years of Self-Expression, Imagination and Creativity From its early beginnings in 1946, Pentel was founded to help people express themselves by placing their thoughts on paper or canvas. Our International Children’s Art Exhibition is about to enter its 50th year in an effort to support arts education in schools. We have remained committed to fostering self-expression by supplying innovative, high-quality products artists, students and professionals prefer. Ground-Breaking Innovations and Award-Winning Quality Innovation and quality are in our DNA. Pentel invented rollerball technology, the first mechanical pencil (including the first side-advance automatic pencil) and pioneered graphite lead manufacturing. Pentel introduced the world to the earliest gel pens and our scientific experts at Pentel Labs continue to perfect ink technology to provide the ultimate writing experience. Pentel is the only writing instrument company to receive the Deming Award in recognition of the highest standard of quality. Every Pentel product is developed, tested and manufactured in our own factories. We not only make our own products; we also make the machinery that sorts, assembles and tests each product – and then back them all with a lifetime warranty. A Proven Track Record of Environmental Responsibility Pentel was “green” long before Kermit the frog. Pentel won its first environmental award way back in the 1970s and follows green corporate policies focused on minimizing our carbon footprint. We reduce, reuse and recycle in every aspect of our business and proudly offer a wide variety of environmentally-friendly writing instruments under our Recycology™ program. We Can’t Do It Alone We strive for perfection in all aspects of our business and know that the biggest contributor to our success is not our art contests, manufacturing processes or global stewardship efforts; it’s the people we partner with and the relationships we build. We thank everyone that sells, recommends or uses Pentel products and look forward to a rewarding relationship in a bright future. W e create the tools that enable people everywhere to give form to their inner thoughts and feelings, and to cultivate the joy of expressing themselves. Our Vision